Tinie Tempah Drops In On The Pupils At SFX College

IMG_7592.JPGRecently Tinie Tempah paid a visit to St Francis Xavier 6th Form College in Clapham.

The ex-SFX student returned after 10 years to open the newly refurbished music studio, where students can book in a slot with the on-site music technician to record and produce their own music.

Tinie walked into lessons to surprise the current students, answered their questions and gave advice. The “passout” rapper told students that if you want to make that hit or breakthrough song you need to “produce and produce and produce like mad”.

He continues to say: “You can’t do it through just one song. Start with producing one track, then go up to four and then ten. I made 100 tracks for my recent album in order to have quality music.”

When he was asked for any advice on setting up as a music artist, he told students: “Bug people on Twitter. I’ve had people who message me again and again and again …and finally I’ll give in. Or do something different, a quirky photo or video. Also use YouTube – stars are born on there.”

Tempah encouraged the students to go to university, saying: “I didn’t go to university but I wish I had, I still may. But you students should really think seriously about going.”

The SFX student’s made the most of Tinie’s visit and soaked up as much information and advice as possible.

Source: LondonNewsOnline.co.uk

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