Should A Transgender Disclose Thier Birth Gender Status?


So this is #lilduval and he is an American comedian. He recently gave an interview on #thebreakfastclub saying that he would “Kill” a #transgender for tricking him into thinking that they were born a women.

Basically, he is saying if he met a women and liked her, had sex or some kind of sexual interaction with her and then he finds out after “she” is a MAN. He wasn’t given the choice or option to decided or nothing. And since he is not GAY, it will anger him to the point he probably kill the #transgender.

Fellas, with the growing community of #transgender people, if you were in that position, what would you do?


I mean I’ve seen some pretty convincing looking women who were born a man all over #socialmedia and the singer #bobbyvalentino (above pic) was recently caught with his pants down in a hotel room with a trans man, but claims he didn’t know.

#letstalk guys, and even ladies. The same applies to us too. There are many women living as men so let’s talk… especially here in the UK lol

Drop your comments below 😃

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