So Solid’s First Lady Lisa Mafia Returns


FRESH SOUND: Lisa Maffia’s new tracks take inspiration from the timeless classics of the past, while also offering a modern vibe to appeal to the garage fans of today

TAKING A break from the fashionista lifestyle within managing and directing her own fashion line, Lisa Maffia has returned to the music scene with a new wave of garage beats.

The new tracks have taken inspiration from the timeless classics of the past, whilst offering a new sound that will attract both old school garage ravers as well as the youth of today.


A legend in her own right, Maffia has accumulated various awards along the years including MOBO, Brit and Q to name a few, and is more than confident she can make the same impact this time around as she has formerly. The multi-talented singer-songwriter began her career as the only female member of the award-winning So Solid
Crew in 1999.

Throughout their time, So Solid notched up five top 20 hits, including the platinum-selling single 21 Seconds which appeared on the just-as-popular album, They Don’t Know.

Maffia proved her worthiness when she took the step to go rogue and pursue her own goals and ambitions. As a solo artist, she achieved two Top 10 singles, including the platinum-selling All Over, resulting in her album reaching Gold status.


During her time in-between pursuing music, this multi-talented businesswoman demonstrated her entrepreneurial characteristics by establishing her own successful fashion label aptly named House of Maffia. A household name, the mogul has also graced the covers of many fashion and music based magazines such as Mixmag, NME, Elle, B&S, and Muzik, among others.

So Solid Crew regularly tour around the globe and are still very much in the public eye – especially now with the ever-increasing garage music revival.

Maffia has very recently finished recording her second album; with the first single Wah Gwarn to be released imminently. Alongside adding the final touches to the album, shooting the music video and teaser trailers, and attending various festivals and gigs over the summer; she is also collaborating with some of the UK’s leading production companies on a whole host of documentary projects, interviews and TV shows for 2017.

Source: The Voice Online



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