Tim Westwood Called Out For Allegedly Profiting From Gang Violence


One of the country’s best-known DJs Tim Westwood is allegedly profiting from hosting violent gang videos on YouTube an investigation has found.

Tim Westwood, a former BBC radio star and the son of a bishop, runs a channel on the social media platform that is identified in a leaked police database as hosting videos showing alleged gangsters threatening rivals.

The confidential Metropolitan Police database, seen by The Times, tracks more than 600 suspected gangsters across 1,100 YouTube clips. It names 32 music videos hosted by Westwood that potentially incite violence.


Westwood, 60, earns money from advertising that appears on his channel. The platform, known as TimWestwoodTV, has over 388million views by broadcasting clips including hundreds of rap videos from mainstream stars and suspected gang members. Other online videos posted by Westwood show suspected gang members making threats against their rivals while wearing balaclavas.

A spokeswoman for Westwood said: “These artists featured on TimWestwoodTV are rap groups not gangs.

“There is no payment or fee to be featured on TimWestwoodTV.

“The freestyle sessions operate at a loss, as they do not even cover the production cost of making the video.

“We have a compliance process of all videos being approved before release by an executive producer in charge of content and editorial guidelines.

“Any threats of violence would be removed from the video.”


Westwood said he was unaware of any police requests or of gang links and would not recognise any gang members.

Sources :

The Sun

The Times

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